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Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

as srori

Low Carb Cory Shows You How To Snap Your Shit Up AND FAILS AT MATH!!!

Proof that LCC claimed 350lbs on the bar

I really try my best not to visit this guy's channel, it's like walking into a sauerkraut lover's fart cloud while eating paint chips....  Anyhow someone showed me his remarkable deadlift "Personal Record" video which was a magnificent display of all the things you're not supposed to do.  who records a PR of 350lbs.  For most 350lbs a deload weight and hardly a milestone, but if you say that to Cory he might look at you crooked.  Anyhow if you want to know what NOT to do on a deadlift, watch this video.  It's a mixture of a back snap, good morning, knee buckle, calf raise and a cat stretch rolled into one.

*Correction:  Low Carb Cory tried to pull a fast one and bullshit 350lbs on the bar, but luckily Chase Fitness Daily was able to catch something.  There's actually 330lbs on the bar not 350! 

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